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The ISPRM/ESPRM/SPMFR 2022 Congress in Lisbon will be the biggest PRM event in the world. For the first time the International Society Congress (ISPRM), the European Society Congress (ESPRM), as well as our own national Congress (SPMFR) will be joined in one only and incredible event! The dates are July 3-7, 2022 – Lisbon, Portugal. The venue remains the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa. Learn more:

14th European Congress on Epilepsy
09 - 13 Juli 2022 • Genf

61st International Spinal Cord Society Annual Scientific Meeting
20 - 24 August 2022 • Auckland, New Zealand

32nd World Congress of the IALP
20 - 24 August 2022 • Auckland, New Zealand

January News 2022

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45th ESNR Annual Meeting
14 - 18 September 2022 • Lisabon, Portugal

7th European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation
30 August–02 September 2023 I Lyon, Fance