Pre-congress Teaching Course

The teaching course (TC) provides an overview over evidence-based practice recommendations for major topics in stroke rehabilitation and thereby provides guidance for clinical decision making in stroke rehabilitation. Members of the TC faculty are international experts in their respective fields that combine clinical expertise with evidence form clinical research. The practice recommendations given were authorised by the WFNR.

Ways to attend
The teaching course (TC) can be attended in presence, meeting the experts personally in Vienna, or likewise, if preferred digitally using a remote video conference connection.

Teaching Goals
The teaching goals are both active knowledge in clinical decision making for stroke rehabilitation based on evidence-based practice recommendations and knowing how to apply such knowledge in clinical practice. Attendees are asked to read the book that presents the contents of each lecture (best done in advance). We want the attendees to have a chance to address their questions that may focus on both knowledge aspects and/or questions about how to apply the knowledge in (their) clinical practice.
Note: The book is already available online (open access - free of charge at

WFNR certificate
To obtain the WFNR certificate Clinical Pathways in Stroke Rehabilitation after the course attendees have to attend all lectures of the teaching course held in Vienna and to pass the online exam held on the 13th of January, 2023 (13.00 hrs. CET).