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Session submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Special Session and Symposium Proposal to be considered for inclusions in the 2024 World Congress of Neurorehabilitation. Due to the high level of interest, we are pleased to extend the deadline to 19 June 2023. Each complete submission received by the deadline will be subject to an independent review. Each proposal will be reviewed with respect to the following elements and should be considered when developing your symposium.

  1. Potential scientific and clinical impact of topic (e.g., timely topic; new research that can support clinical practice; strong link of topic with evidence-based practice; identifies new directions for clinical practice or research)
  2. Reputation and experience of speakers.  Session chairs/moderators should be identified within the speakers.
  3. Contribution to diversity of the conference.  Diversity includes the consideration of different stages of career, different disciplines (e.g., basic scientist, nurse, physician) and/or under-represented groups (e.g., women, black, Indigenous and people of colour, people with disability). Sessions that have speakers from at least two different countries will be given higher priority.

You can submit a proposal for the following session types:

Meeting that serves to exchange ideas and findings. Symposium last 90 minutes and are given by a panel of experts who are well known in the field. It typically includes 2–3 speakers and a moderator/chair.  At least 15 minutes of dedicated time for questions and discussion with the audience must be included.

Similar to a symposium but has a shorter time frame of 60 minutes with two speakers.

A round table is a form of academic discussion with a time frame of 90 minutes. Submitters apply with a specific topic they would like to discuss with the proposed speakers. Up to five speakers are possible and must include a moderator to ensure that each person has opportunity to participate.

A 60-minute session on a specific topic, typically 2 discussants should present arguments in a for and against format with a moderator who manages the speakers and time. The audience will vote on the for and against arguments at the beginning and end of the session.

A meeting held by developing countries on a priority basis where ideas and views can be exchanged on a particular issue. It is 90 minutes and includes 2–3 speakers (20–25 minutes presentations). A minimum of 15 minutes of dedicated time for questions and discussion with the audience must be included.

These are aimed to present important knowledge and skills for a pre-registered audience. They should have up to 2 speakers. Presentation time is 90 minutes. Speakers should convey practical aspects on daily clinical routine or about a research methodology/technique.  Those with a more interactive plan with the audience will be prioritized.

Format specifically for young scientists/experts to exchange ideas and insights on a specific topic. Presenters should be in the first 5 years of their first independent academic or research position. Duration is 90 minutes with 5 speakers maximum. A specific topic will be explored by speakers and/or facilitated by small group discussions that enable networking.


You can review the complete guidelines here:

Submission guidelines

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