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Pamela W. Duncan (Seven Lakes, NC/US)

Pamela W. Duncan, PhD, PT, FAPTA, FAHA

Adjunct Professor Department of Internal Medicine  
Wake Forest School of Medicine  
CEO Care Directions    

Pamela Duncan is a leader in the development and evaluation of comprehensive interventions to manage complex chronic conditions like stroke, congestive heart failure, falls, and cognitive impairments. She has received over 100 million dollars in federal or foundation funding over the course of her career to develop patient reported assessments, test interventions to improve mobility and health, develop and evaluate and implement c comprehensive care interventions in real world practice.  She has more than 200 published articles . Her research has been published in high impact journal ( e.g New England Journal of Medicine, Stroke, Geriatrics ).  

She led 14 million dollar PCORI-funded study ,COMPASS, to implement and evaluate comprehensive transitional care for stoke patients post hospital discharge .A parallel analysis in the PCORI study identified health system and patient level barriers and facilitators for successful implementation of comprehensive management  of complex conditions.

She has developed an application (Stroke CP) to utilize patient reported assessments of social and functional determinates of health to develop individualized care plans linked to community resources.  This application has also been developed for blood pressure management and management of CHF  for the elderly and those with disabilities. The applications are been expanded for falls prevention, cancer survivorship planning and dementia (care inclusive of caregivers in primary care).

She is a founder and CEO of Care Directions a start-up established in 2017.  Care Direction founders include physicians, therapists, experts in data management, data analytics and medical informatics. Care Direction staff includes nurse practitioners and public health scientists.    As CE0, Dr. Duncan has established a commercialization partner with Carium. Cairum is an award winning digital health care platforms to deliver the next generation of advanced care pathways to engage patients, caregivers and providers to enhance personalized care plans, linked to community resources.  Dr. Duncan is the clinical lead to expand care pathways, implement the technology to scale our evidence- based solutions to front line care.

Dr Duncan has consulted nationally and internationally (Singapore, Israel, China, Italy, and Australia) for the development and evaluation of interventions to improve mobility, safety and wellness for elderly and with chronic conditions like stroke.   Nationally, she was a member of the 2012 Center for Medicaid and Medicare Innovations Leadership group. She has received numerous awards the most recent one.  She advises health care systems on implementation of transitional care models for falls, chronic disease management and stroke, and wellness in the elderly. .  She has received numerous accolades. The most recent ones included the 2020 AHA/ASA David Sherman award for  lifetime career achievement in advancing post acute stroke care,  2020 AHA GrassRoots Advocate Award, 2020 Wake Forest Medical School Mentor of the Year Award, and 2020 Wake Forest School of Medicine Entrepreneurship of the year award.

Her ultimate career objective is to collaborate with health systems and payers to effectively and efficiently transform health care to optimize recovery, independence, and health for the elderly, those with chronic conditions, and to ease the challenges of caregivers.  

Complete List of Published Work in MyBibliography:  200+ publications.